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Musket and Muslin York Tour Guide

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Muslin York Walks

Lucy Ferrars Stories

"Little Sharp Eyes"

Genre: Crime Fiction (Georgian)

Available Lulu/Amazon Kindle

The year is 1805 and the army of Napoleon Bonaparte is poised for an invasion of England. Not all the nation's perils lie over the channel though, and when Lucy's aid is sought, she will discover that "living on one's wits" means just what it says.

For full information search "little sharp eyes".

"Maid of Steele"

Available Lulu/Amazon Kindle

Contains the first two 'Lucy' stories, "The Witches Curricle" and "The Legacy of Minos".

Mrs Ferrars (formeely Lucy Steele in Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility") is the central character in these investigations.

For full information search "maid of steele".

"A Gallop to the Gallows"

In the process of construction

Publication details will follow in due course.

Quiz Answers

Lucy's Spilikins

1. Elinor Dashwood
2. Catherine Morland
3. Caroline Bingley
4. Harriet Smith
5. Lucy Steele
6. Louisa Musgrove
7. Isabella Thorpe
8. Lydia Bennet


Caroline's Spilikins

1. Bonnet
2. Petticoat
3. Pelisse
4. Half Boots
5. Dancing Shoes
6. Morning Dress
7. Walking Dress
8. Striped Dress and Spenser

Accommodation / Homes

York River OusePlease visit: www.homeaway.co.uk to book accommodation.

Also see our page on Inside York city and tourism guide here: